The Day the Hindenburg Burst Into Flames

From the wreckage of a collapsed timeline I will report to you three things: Music will please even the deaf. Art will please even the blind. Kindness will please more than the recipient.

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Derren Brown

I’m watching ‘The Gameshow’ now.  Psychology is so interesting.  

The results of The Milgram Experiment are so incredibly interesting yet terrifying when you come to see it play out.  It was the same with the ‘Judenrats’ in Poland under Nazi control; and the essential psychological fallacy of humans that collaborate in majority with heinous crimes.  I don’t believe in Machiavellian philosophy.  It’s just very scary when it seems that innate “human nature” can govern us in such a controlling way.  At least seeing the experiment played out in such a way gets people to reconsider their acts in the long run; even though I’m unsure whether people are strong enough to stand up to others when they truly believe something to be wrong.

 I’m sure Tumblrians would disagree.

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